Herbal Infusion Brownie Kit – Pack of 2

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Say goodbye to the days of spending countless hours on herbal infusions. Our brownie kit is specially formulated to absorb more of the medicinal properties of your herb in a fraction of the time. Seriously y’all, it’s 93% faster than even the quickest infusion methods. Not only does our patent pending Potency Booster complete stovetop infusions in under 20 minutes, it also results in stronger Brownies.  Don’t believe us? We’ll offer you 100% of your money back if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase – because getting baked should be delicious.

Just add your favorite herb, water, and eggs and you’re ready to embark on your infusion adventure.

Note: This product is sold in packs of 2. For example if you select quantity of 1 for $24.20 you will receive 2 packs


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Included In Kit:

Just Add:

Potency Booster

Dry Mix

Strainer Cloth

2 Eggs

Your Favorite Herb


How It Works


2 reviews for Herbal Infusion Brownie Kit - Pack of 2

  1. Kevin Baker (verified owner)

    These brownies are awesome , I suffer from a lot of daily pain so I added a little extra shatter to a double batch ! They turned out amazing I dose them out in 2”by4” squares but I get a minimum of 6 hours relief from each dose , I ended up with 8 doses from the double batch , that’s 8 afternoon delights ! Love them Gianna !
    It’s so awesome that you help folks like me with alternative to treating severe pain

  2. Kevin (verified owner)


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