Our Story

(Hand)Made With Love In Austin, TX

The Pursuit Of A Better Way

As you might expect, here at Green Queen we are out of the closet cannabis advocates. We are also major foodies, endlessly  searching for new ways to stimulate our taste buds. By combining our passion for food with our passion for the cannabis plant, we began experimenting with new ways to make infused desserts at home.

Just one problem… we’re pretty impatient (especially when it comes to our sweets) and all of the current infusion methods take FOREVER to complete. Most methods require over 4 hours of infusion time alone. During the lengthy infusion process, many of the medicinal  qualities of your herb can be lost – wasting you time and money. Once your infusion is complete you can expect to spend another 1 to 2 hours on the baking process. Before you know it an entire day has blown past and you missed 4:20.

So I tied on my apron and set off on a mission to find an easier way to get baked. Countless trial batches and over a year later Green Queen developed a new way to make TASTY infused treats at home. The best part? Our method is over 3 and a half hours faster than traditional infusion methods and results in a more potent outcome, saving you time and money.

Green Queens’ herbal infusion brownie kit includes everything you need to make delicious medicinal brownies at home in a fraction of the time. Our patent pending formula increases overall potency of your brownies and they taste pretty damn good too. Just add your favorite herb, water, and eggs to your brownie kit and you’re ready to get baked!

– Gianna