Start your retirement journey with confidence

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At this appointment you can expect to receive answers to questions like:


    • What is your projected retirement date?
    • How much income will you receive upon retirement?
    • Will you experience a retirement income gap?
    • How can the social security offset can affect your pension?
    • How can you buy back years of service?
    • What is your spousal benefit and how does it work?
    • How to prepare your beneficiary succession plan?
    • Do you qualify for a partial lump sum option (PLSO)
    • Does the idea of preparing for retirement overwhelm you?


    • Start, stop, or transfer your existing 403(b) 
    • Which 403(b) options have guaranteed income when you retire?
    • Do you know what sources of retirement income will be available to you?
    • Are you afraid you will outlive your retirement money?
    • Want to learn more about Pension maximization plans?
    • Are you behind on saving and want to find out your best options to get caught up?
    • Obtain a 403(b) analysis detailing how to maximize your 403(b) income and keep it protected from loss
    • Learn which district approved 403(b) savings options allow you to save more money for retirement without affecting your take-home pay